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Activated carbon reduction scale weight loss scale injection system

Activated carbon reduction scale weight loss scale injection system

Product Details

1. Low investment, low operating costs, and significant energy savings

The low-pressure continuous conveying system composed of the gas-solid activated carbon slaked lime ejector not only shows that the investment is saved in the construction cost, but also the running cost is low. Because there is no inlet and outlet and exhaust valves, there are no wearing parts, so the running cost is low. The use of low-pressure transportation together with the air compressor system saves about 30% of energy consumption.

2, convenient operation

The device body control only needs to rotate the feeder and the intake valve, and the device body control only needs to “start” or “stop” operation, the device operation only needs to patrol, and no manual duty is required. Because the continuous pump process system is simple, the equipped control system is also relatively simple. According to the system equipment, even if the PLC control system is used, if there is a fault, there is an alarm system, and it can also be manually controlled without affecting the normal operation of the system.

3, equipment and pipeline wear and tear, long service life

Because of the low-pressure transport, the flow rate in the equipment and the ash conveying pipe is low, and the transport concentration is constant. Therefore, the system equipment and piping are small in wear and long in service life.

4, weightless scale instrument system placement is convenient and sensitive

Because the device is small in size and low in installation height, it is convenient and sensitive when the system is installed, and can completely meet the needs of engineering installation.