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Ejector manufacturer

Ejector manufacturer

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The ejector is divided into materials: FRP acid and alkali ejector, stainless steel acid and alkali ejector, carbon steel alkali ejector, polyvinyl chloride acid and alkali ejector, polytetrafluoroethylene acid and alkali ejector, ABS plastic acid and alkali ejector, PVC Plastic acid-base ejector, graphite ejector, steel-lined plastic acid-base ejector, stainless steel lining plastic acid-base ejector, etc.;

The principle of the ejector is that the high-pressure water flows through the throat to form a negative pressure to introduce air. After intense energy communication, the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy, which increases the amount of dissolved air in the water, and then enters the air-floating tank for separation. Generally, the back pressure value of the injector is 0.1 to 0.3 MPa, the ratio of the throat diameter to the nozzle diameter is 2 to 2.5, and the nozzle flow rate is 20 to 30 m/s. The weight loss scale is for forward gas dissolution, and the pipe mixer should be equipped with a pipe mixer. The mixer should ensure that the water head loses 0.3~0.4m and the mixing time is 30s.

The quality of the gas source is not high

Continuous pump power source, generally using centrifugal fan or Roots blower and compressor, no need to set up an air purification system. According to the system plan, there are certain requirements for air volume and pressure. The compressor station air supply can also be used depending on the situation.