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Slaked lime metering injection system

Slaked lime metering injection system

Product Details

The slaked lime metering and ejecting system consists of a low-pressure continuous conveying system consisting of a gas-solid activated carbon slaked eruption device, which not only shows its capital contribution but also low running cost in engineering cost. Since there is no inlet and outlet and exhaust valves, there is no wearing parts, so the running cost is low, and the use of low-pressure transportation is less than 30% of energy consumption compared with the air compressor system.

The slaked lime metering and ejecting system comprises a storage bin, a weight loss feeder, a venturi hair sprayer, a pipe and a nozzle; the system is stable and reliable, the slaked lime precision is controllable, and the use cost of the slaked lime is saved. The weight reduction scale control system includes electrical components such as control cabinet, touch screen, PLC, frequency converter, etc.; the output value is set on the touch screen of the control cabinet, and the real-time production value, accumulated stocking amount, and the start and stop state of the equipment are displayed; and the control system can be combined with the DCS system. Docking, long-distance control of the metering eruption system by DCS.

The slaked lime conveys the slaked lime Ca(OH)2 to the storage bin through the tank truck, and then the material is discharged from the storage bin to the weight loss feeder, and the lost feeder is used to discharge the venturi hairspray according to the set output value. It is transported into the flue reverberator by a positive pressure Roots blower, and reacts with acid gases such as SO2, SO3, HF and HCL in the flue gas to achieve desulfurization.