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Human-machine distance detection

Human-machine distance detection

Product Details

Suitable for working scenes where vehicles and people are turbid. Can remind the driver of the location of the people around,

Avoid seizures.

1. Detection base station HA-S201 (located on the roof)

The HA-S201 detection base station is an indoor and outdoor positioning base station. Support wireless accurate ranging, the theoretical accuracy of ranging accuracy can reach 5 cm, and the actual use can reach less than 30 cm. It is different from traditional radar, WIFI and other ranging technology. It also overcomes the shortcomings of traditional ranging technology, such as environmental interference and large errors, and can accurately provide accurate ranging within 100 meters.

Device parameters:

Ranging accuracy: 10 cm (10,000 standard deviations)

Ranging principle: support TDoA and ToF two ranging methods

Communication interface: RS485, UART TTL

Output interface: relay output (can be set to two scales. For example, 5 m interval reminder, 3 m alarm) Features: strong anti-interference ability, high precision, low radiation (one thousandth of mobile phone), dustproof and waterproof.

product photo:

2. Positioning label HA-T103 (wearing by staff)

The HA-T103 tag is used to receive and detect the wireless signal transmitted by the base station, and then send back the signal. The high-precision, high-power positioning tag developed by the weightless scale import company based on wireless ranging technology. This label supports the method of wearing the helmet.

Device parameters:

Ranging accuracy: 10 cm (10,000 standard deviations)

Ranging principle: support TDoA and ToF two ranging methods

Distance: Sight transmission is greater than 100 meters

Features: Built-in onboard antenna, large capacity rechargeable lithium battery

Product photo:

3. Alarm device HA-EX21 (located in the cab)

When the tag wearer enters the set yi farther scale, the yellow light flashes to remind the driver that when entering the second closer scale, the red light flashes together and the alarm sounds.

The battery is supplied with power.

4, ranging data processing software HA-R100

The HA-R100 software processes the admission data of each detection base station in real time in the background, and calculates the current data of the base station within each label interval range by the TOF ranging algorithm developed by the company.

Development environment: STM32 C speech development interface: UMM MINI3

5. Typical usage scenarios:

The product is suitable for work scenes where vehicles and people are mixed. Can prompt the location of the people around the driver to avoid bumps