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Star valve

Star valve

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Star valves, also known as lock valves, star feeders, flip valves, and impeller feeders, are used in the connection or control system of the pipeline. Valves and fittings cannot exist independently and complement each other.

The air lock valve has the advantages of high wear resistance, good sealing performance, stable discharge, compact and light structure, reliable operation, easy arrangement and repair of single strength, etc. The electric air lock is widely used for environmental protection, metallurgy and chemical industry. , thermal power generation, petrochemical, cement, and other industries.

The end of the rotor blade of the air lock valve is lined with a fluoroethylene seal to ensure an excellent touch between the end of the blade and the inner wall of the case, and the end of the blade can be easily adjusted after wear. In order to improve the performance, the blade can also be added. The amount of the gap between the casing and the blade is reduced, so that it still maintains an excellent touch with the inside of the casing, and has good air lock performance. The electric air locker can feed the feed pipe evenly and continuously to ensure that the gas and solid in the power output pipe are relatively stable, so that the power transmission can work normally, and the upper and lower air pressures of the electric discharge valve can be blocked. Plays a lock-up effect. The above is the weight loss called the manufacturer to introduce to everyone, I hope to help everyone