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Weightless scale

Weightless scale

Product Details

In many processing industries, the production process is carried out through gravity-free scales. Although the application of this device is extensive, many users may not understand the device. In fact, this kind of equipment is not a continuous working time, but a process of intermittent discharge. Compared with the traditional equipment, the big difference is that the equipment can be carried out in the hopper discharge control, so that the material can be accurately measured. The component does not present any errors. In addition, the equipment has a reasonable structure, good sealing performance, no need to worry about leakage, etc. In the application process, the performance is stable and reliable, and can provide many conveniences.

Second, the weight loss scale ingredient system features:

1. Has very high measurement control accuracy;

2. Can be used in continuous or batch feeding requirements;

3. Suitable for bulk materials such as powders and granules;

4. The whole system is sealed so it will not pollute the environment;

5. Manual or automatic mechanical filling can be used;

6. When filling, it is necessary to ensure the speed of the packing is fast enough;

7. Types with explosion protection;

8. It can be connected with the host computer system to form a distributed batching control system.