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High speed linear scale

High speed linear scale

Product Details

4 0.5L high speed linear scales

1. Factory parameter setting recovery function;

2. Actively suspend when the material is short, so that the weighing is more stable;

3, the display comes with a help menu, easy to learn to use;

4, can store 100 sets of parameter settings, to achieve a variety of material requirements;

5. The amplitude of each line in operation can be adjusted independently, which makes the feeding more uniform.

High-speed linear scale equipment features:

1. IP65 waterproof case is adopted, and the contact material is made of tread plate material.

2, equipped with a dry water removal device to prevent electrical components from being damaged due to temperature differences.

3. The zero-component parts of the unified standard plan ensure the interchangeability of the mechanical structures of different materials.

Suitable for seeds, peanuts, nuts, almonds, grapes and other small particles of snack foods, jelly, candy, pistachios, cakes, chips, shrimp, dumplings, meatballs and other granules, granules and hardware and other particles Quantitative weighing of shapes, sheets, strips, rounds and irregular materials;

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