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High speed linear scale

High speed linear scale

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Weight loss scale import company to bring you to understand 8 0.5L/1.2L high speed linear scale

Linear scale is a kind of scale, which is a set of data added together according to the components of several scales. Suppose a customer uses ten heads to pack 300 grams of granules. Then each scale is said to have a weight of about 100 grams. The computer will select three heads from the 10 heads. Together with zui close to 300 grams, then these three titles will be blank. This should be a simple understanding.

The linear scale does not refer to the granule packing machine. The linear scale is called the scale and is only used for weighing. It can be called granules and can also be called a sheet-like product. The granule packing machine also has a measuring cup type, which is a bottle-shaped container. The capacity inside is the number of grams required by the customer, and there will be errors. Customers who use linear terms are generally required to have a very small error range. Generally, if there is not much demand for errors, the cup type will be used.

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