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Double head linear scale

Double head linear scale

Product Details

Double head 8.0L linear scale

It is made of all-stainless steel sealing body, anti-corrosion and dustproof; it is quick to disassemble with material touch parts (storage bucket, lower hopper, vibrating plate, weighing hopper, etc.), which is especially convenient for cleaning. Moreover, the linear scale can be used with various packaging machines, filling machines, or semi-automatic packaging. First and foremost: Quantification of relatively uniform materials such as tea, medicine, grain, tea, wall powder, dry goods, fine powder, washing powder, powder, miscellaneous grains, coffee powder, Tieguanyin, longan, baking soda, fertilizer, longan, etc. Weighing.

1, all made of stainless steel materials, clean and hygienic.

2. Select precision digital load cell and AD module for accurate measurement.

3, compared with the traditional screw quantification, measuring cup quantification, weighing quantification can completely and effectively ensure the accuracy of each package.

4, fully automatic or semi-automatic optional, high speed, accurate;

5, with the material touch parts (storage bucket, hopper, vibrating plate, weighing hopper, etc.) are quickly disassembled, especially convenient for cleaning.

6. When weighing, the vibration fluctuations are automatically adjusted according to the weight of different target segments, and the accuracy is more accurate;